Biofuel outboard motors and the Abubakari II

Beginning in 2008, we introduced an affordable and environmentally friendly option to power local fishing boats. Using traditional wooden boats known as pirogues, we developed an outboard motor that could be powered by biofuel derived from the locally grown Jatropha plant. To raise awareness of the potential this source of fuel provides, we plan to cross the Atlantic using a pirogue (the Abubakari II), which will be built of recycled wood and powered by biofuel, to prove that old ways and new ways can meld to provide sustainable solutions for the future.

Workshop expansion

Aywa has outgrown our current workshop, and we are thus planning the construction of a new facility that will be erected on the south end of the compound along Malika’s main road. This facility will be anchored by retail-oriented workshops for wood, metal, and textile enterprises, in addition to a showroom for our irrigation, cultivation, agri-processing, transportation, and other technologies. The building’s foundation will support 3 levels which will eventually contain additional retail space, a computer lab, music studio, clinic, and dorm rooms. The open space behind the new facility will be used as a demonstration plot for irrigation technologies and overflow space for the workshops.

The build-out cost for the first phase of the project (foundation and 5 shops) is estimated at roughly $50,000. The build-out of the entire space, with 3 stories and the full footprint, is projected to fall between $200,000 and $250,000. Please consider helping us reach our construction goals with your tax-deductible donation.