Our Projects

Commercializing Balanite

Creating income generating opportunities for women in rural northern Senegal by commercializing oil from the Balanite Aegyptiaca tree and introducing equipment that decentralizes some value added processing steps.


Biofuel Outboard Boat Motors

In 2008 we embarked upon a project with an aim to introduce along Senegal’s waterways an affordable and environmentally friendly mode to transport agriculture products to market. The project uses traditional vessels powered by a locally produced biofuel outboard motor fueled by processed indigenous oil seeds.


Music Shop

The music shop specializes in djembes, koras (African harps) and balafons (African xylophones).  Ongoing partnerships and workshops with musicians and training from renowned instrument makers ensure that the hand crafted instruments have the best sound possible.


Agricultural solutions for urban and peri-urban farms

Malika is a part of the Niayes, a fertile corridor north of Dakar that provides a significant proportion of the capital’s produce and poultry. Aywa is constructing an outlet for distributing a range of equipment for irrigation, cultivation, food processing, storage and other purposes. Our shop will assemble and custom fabricate quality, affordable, and durable solutions to fit specific needs.


Sine-Saloum Jatropha Planting

As part of the World Bank development marketplace award, Aywa planted hundreds of jatropha trees along the Sine-Saloum River.