Exploring the Potential for Pumps

Agriculture is a huge part of Senegal’s economy, but many Senegalese live below the poverty line. AYWA is attempting to improve the agriculture sector and the lives of farmers throughout the country by developing mobile motorized water pumps that can save farmers significant amounts of time while increasing their crop yield. In partnership with the Peace Corps and USAID, AYWA’s staff designed and produced a high-quality diesel pump that can be transported between water sources, addressing the very real burden that farmers face when attempting to carry stationary pumps between wells during the hot summer months.
Project Pyramid is working with AYWA to research how broad the market for these pumps is, potential funding sources for farmers, and ways to decrease the cost of producing the pumps. Through marketing and strategic partnerships, the pumps will become a new- and strong- arena in which AYWA can support farmers throughout Senegal make more and better produce.