Project Pyramid Log: Days 2-3

Awoken by the sound of waves, we depart with Asiz to the picturesque island of N’Gor, where we watch the pros surf big waves from the vantage point of Malika Surf Camp’s private boat. Inspired, a few of us head back to the camp and catch our own waves while the rest take in the sights and history of Goree. Day gives way to night, and we’re pleased to discover that Dakar is home to a bustling late night scene with a wide variety of clubs and libations.


The next day, we arrive at AYWA’s basecamp, where founder Danny Bode spent his childhood years and developed a passion for empowering local entrepreneurs to better the community. The beauty and hospitality of the basecamp, run by Danny’s mother Herma, exceeds our wildest dreams, and we’re ready to transition from a weekend of fun to a week of productivity…and more fun. Herma and her staff shower us with kindness, food, and our first djembe lessons before showing us to our quarters.