Project Pyramid Travel Log: Day 4


IMG_5527Today marks the beginning of our induction into AYWA’s work. With guidance from Brian, a local Peace Corps Volunteer and AYWA’s on the ground manager, we come to better understand AYWA’s goals and mission. AYWA began in 2002 as Malika Monkeys, a collective of artisans and craftsmen who build djembes, fabrics, and other unique crafts in AYWA’s onsite workshop and sell them in Herma’s shop. Once Malika Monkeys proved to be a success, Danny realized he could do even more to give back to the community that had given him so much, and so he began to explore other avenues for growth, from the production of mechanized farm pumps to uses for sustainable biofuels. Our work is divided into three of AYWA’s initiatives:



  1. Sharing best practices in accounting and researching avenues for growth with the Malika Monkeys collective, both as a group and as individuals
  2. Exploring the market and production costs of making motorized water pumps to be used by local farmers
  3. Outlining a supply chain for Ballonite nuts, a local commodity with potential uses in healthcare and beauty products



Herma, Brian, and Djibby spent the day filling us in our AYWA’s current needs and we hit the drawing boards to come up with feasible and practical solutions.