Project Pyramid Travel Log: Day 5

Abdoulaye Diouf is Malika’s foreman and workshop manager. By better understanding Abdoulaye’s work and goals, 233our group is able to formulate goals of our own. In short, Abdoulaye hopes to increase work orders and revenue for himself and the rest of the Monkeys by shifting away from a dependence on crafts for tourists. For now, work is slow due to Ebola’s impact on tourism (note Senegal has fewer cases of Ebola than the United States). Abdoulaye has a hunch that a water pump could be one such outlet for growth. We’ve set out to help Abdoulaye and his crew by inventorying Herma’s store to determine which items are top sellers, drafting an official work order form to keep the Malika Monkeys on a consistent work schedule, and creating a spreadsheet for Abdoulaye to keep track of costs and receipts.