Project Pyramid Travel Log: Days 7-8

Like the rest of our time, our last days in Malika are full of activity and learning. We take a trip to the wood market to see how Malika’s tradesmen buy their supplies, journey into town to discuss partnerships, ride camels at the Pink Lake, visit Brian’s garden, and pick up souvenirs handcrafted by the Monkeys themselves. Most importantly, we foster relationships with AYWA’s network so that we can continue our work when we return home.

Perhaps Senegal’s greatest asset is its human capital and warm culture, and we are lucky to have the chance to build lasting friendships with everyone we meet along the way. Through Herma’s deep connections with Malika, we are able to leave as friends instead of outsiders. This genuine friendship with the Malika community, manifested as shared meals, spirited volleyball games, and djembe concerts, and will remain with us as we continue our work stateside.