Project Pyramid Travel Log: Day 6

With Herma, Abdoulaye, and Brian leading the charge, we board a mini-van to test out some of our ideas and get direct feedback from potential users and suppliers of our products. At our first stop, we get the chance to interact with rural farmers and hear their needs. Afterwards, we set to get a hands on education as to how local village women are using and collecting Ballonite nuts.   This visit was a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Herma’s adopted daughter and village matriarch treats us to a delicious hot lunch of rice, chicken, and yassa. Like all our afternoon meals in Senegal, this was truly family style dining – 8 people, 8 spoons, one plate the size of a manhole. Sharing meals in Senegal is a way of truly connecting with the people and the culture, and this meal meant that we were welcome in the village. After lunch, we talk shop with the local women and scores of children give us a tour of the village, including the ballonite nut press.

IMG_0368 IMG_0361